Martí Orta Martinez

Martí Orta Martinez

Research Professor

I am an Associate Professor at the University of Barcelona. I hold a PhD in Environmental Sciences (Institute of Environmental Science and Technology - Autonomous University of Barcelona), a postgraduate degree in Ecological Economics and Environmental Management (UAB), a postgraduate degree in Ecology (UAB), and a BSc in Biology (University of Barcelona).

I have developed a research career on political ecology of extractive industries in tropical rainforests and indigenous territories of remote areas of the world. My research has focused, in a broad sense, on the study of environmental pollution from upstream oil industry, tropical rainforests conservation, socio-environmental conflicts and corporate accountability. I have approached these topics from a set of interdisciplinary methodologies, such as community-based monitoring, citizen science, remote sensing, GIS and environmental forensics. I have almost 20 years of experience working on environmental outcomes of petroleum-related activities in the Peruvian and Ecuadorian Amazon. I have also conducted pantropical studies on the expansion of the oil frontier in the tropical rainforests and on the governance and management of environmental resources and services involving indigenous people in the Amazon lowland rainforests of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil and in Cameroon, Southeast Asia (Indonesia) and Siberia. 

My current areas of research include:

  • Near real-time monitoring of oil spills, illegal logging and gold mining in indigenous territories based on community-based monitoring and remote sensing;
  • Oil extraction, mining activities and environmental health;
  • Socio-environmental conflicts over oil extraction, operational standards, law enforcement and corporate accountability;
  • Unburnable fossil fuels and climate mitigation policies to limit the increase in global mean temperature to 1.5°C.


If you are interested in doing research on any of these topics, for your Postdoc, PhD, Msc or intership, you are welcome to contact me anytime at I would be happy to support you to apply to:

FI and FPU PhD grants;

Margarita Salas and Juan de la Cierva grants for Junior Postdocs (<2 years since PhD);

- María Zambrano and Beatriu de Pinós Postdoctoral grants (> 2 years since PhD).


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