Guillem Rius Taberner

Guillem Rius Taberner

Research assistant

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biology from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain), which included an exchange program during the last year at the San Francisco de Quito University (USFQ) (Ecuador), and a Master of Science degree in Sustainable Development from the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands). 

For the last four years I have been involved in assessing the accountability of petroleum corporations regarding environmental liabilities and their effect on the environment in the Peruvian context. Along this journey, I have professionally been engaged with different national (ICTA-UAB, UVic-Universitat Central de Catalunya) and international (ISS-Erasmus University Rotterdam) research institutions to which I have given technical assistance to provide evidence on the impact of oil companies' practices and their strategies to escape legal responsibility, including the dumping produced water into the environment. Recently, and resulting from this work, I have submitted my master's thesis about the level of accountability achieved by the Peruvian fiscalisation system based on data issued by the State´s Environmental Agency and indigenous federations living close to areas of oil extraction through a participatory monitoring system. Results of the thesis are currently being adapted for scientific publication. In addition to being involved in oil extraction-related issues, I have given technical support to projects related to lead and mercury pollution in tropical countries (Perú and Cameroon). Moreover, I have recently helped update an integrated spatial assessment model that constructs the first global atlas of unburnable oil resources (upcoming publication). My various contributions have been approached from interdisciplinary methodologies, including geographical information systems, literature reviews, environmental forensics, and community-based monitoring systems.



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