Oriol Teruel

Oriol Teruel

PhD student

Oriol Teruel Cabello hold a BSc in Geological Engineer by the Universitat Politècnia de Catalunya and the Universitat de Barcelona (2017) and received his MSc in Pollution, Toxicology and Environmental Health from Universitat de València (2019). Currently he is a PhD student at the Institute of Environmental Science at Technology (ICTA-UAB) in the PALADYN-ERC project coordinated by Antoni Rosell-Melé.

The current climate change induced by human activity is changing our Planet. I am interested in the study of the Earth as a whole system and the investigation of the interactions between the atmosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere and lithosphere. Knowing how these components of the Earth system have interacted during past climate changes helps us to understand the new dynamics of this system in the context of this Anthropocene epoch.

Nowadays, I am focused in the study of the atmospheric circulation and changes in the Intercontinental Convergence Zone (ITCZ) and the Hadley Circulation around the globe using dust and soot ocean depositions.


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