Joan Villanueva

Joan Villanueva

Senior researcher

During my early professional period my research interests were related to the development and use of organic biomarkers to reconstruct past oceanic environments. I earned a PhD degree in 1996 with a study of the North Atlantic temperature and productivity evolution during glacial-interglacial periods. During 1996-1999 I expanded my expertise in past climates in different research units (University of Bristish Columbia and University of Bordeaux) were I had the opportunity to study geochemistry and past climate evolution in other oceanic areas (Canadian Inlets, Sea of Arabia and upwelling off Namibia). In 1999, back to Barcelona, I worked as a contracted researcher in the IIQAB-CSIC, coordinating research activities of the research group.

During a second professional period (2002-2009) I worked for a pharmaceutical company (Sanofi) as analytical chemist responsible of method development for bioanalysis.

During a third professional period (2009-2014) period I had the opportunity to learn about the specific (and unique) analytical aspects related to Proteomics in the Laboratory of Proteomics (CSIC_UAB).

I am presently a contracted researcher at ICTA-UAB, where I contribute with my expertise to develop and establish new tools to reconstruct the natural dynamics of atmosphere and oceans in the past.

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